The Pyramid

Here is a brief explanation of the football pyramid in Wales.

Pyramid of Welsh Football Leagues

At the top of the system is the JD Welsh Premier League.Established in 1992, it is the only pan-Wales league, as all leagues below it operate on a regional basis, the more localised the further down the pyramid you go.

The second tier, immediately below the JD WPL, consists of two leagues, each covering 'half' the country. Representing the south of the country there is the Welsh Football League (Division 1) and representing the north and central Wales areas is the Cymru Alliance. The champions of each may be promoted to the Welsh Premier League, subject to ground criteria. If the champions are not eligible, the runners-up may be considered.

The big difference between the two regions is that in the south the Welsh League has two more divisions below Division One, with promotion and relegation between these divisions (more of the south later) But in the north, the Cymru Alliance has just the one division, and has a feeder league structure of its own at the third tier of the pyramid, with three regionalised leagues feeding into it, each covering one of the regional football association areas: the Spar Mid Wales League covering the Central Wales FA region (Powys and Ceredigion) , the Welsh Alliance covering the North Wales Coast FA region (most of the old counties of Gwynedd and Clwyd) and the Welsh League (Wrexham Area) covering the small North East Wales FA region around Wrexham. As is the case higher up, champions are eligible for promotion, runners-up if champions cannot/will not be promoted.

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